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Nathan was very responsive and within a few days we were able to have the loan settled and pick up our beautiful car. I am very happy with the service and the loan that Nathan found for us. Highly recommend Hanna Lending Services
Adi Borck
Nathan made me feel so supported in this process. He took the time to explain each decision in helping me find the perfect car that I had been looking for. Previously I have felt so nervous, but with Nathan, I was fully informed through the whole process.
Becky Felstead
The people are just great to work with. So easy to get a car through them. They found my car for me. I didn't have to do a thing, only sign and read the paper work. Thank you for the great experience.
Craig Kemp

Car Loan Broker Brisbane

Access 30 lenders to find the right car loan

Save money and time. Car loans in Brisbane do not have to be difficult. As car finance brokers for Brisbane with access to 30 lenders, we are able to find the best car finance interest rates and repayment options to suit your needs. We offer car loans all types of vehicles, whether it's purchased from a dealership or a private sale.
Car Loans Brisbane
Unsecured car financing in Brisbane

Unsecured car loans

Ultimate freedom and flexibility

There's no need to worry about being restricted to a certain make or model – with an unsecured car loan in Brisbane, you can purchase the vehicle of your dreams, regardless of its age or condition. So if you've been eyeing up that vintage convertible or a shiny new sports car, unsecured financing could be the perfect way to make your dream a reality.

Secured car loans

Borrow more, pay less

Obtaining a secured car loan is generally easier thanobtaining an unsecured car loan. Secured loans offer larger borrowing amountsand are available to people with various financial backgrounds, including thosewith lower credit scores.

If you apply for a secured car loan, the lender is taking on less risk. As aresult, you may be able to get a lower interest rate. At Hanna Lending, ourteam will help you choose the ideal loan for your car and finances.
Secured Car Loans Made Easy
Car loan refinancing

Refinance a car loan

Our experts can help refinance your car loan

By refinancing your car loan, you can secure a lower interest rate, which translates into reduced monthly payments. This means more money in your pocket for the things that matter most. Plus, with improved credit scores or financial situations, you may qualify for even better rates and terms than when you first purchased your vehicle.

New car finance

Don't let the dealer push you around

You know better than to let the dealer align you with new car finance, and you may be pleased to know we can also help you negotiate the best price for a new car. You could save thousands. We have years of industry expirence and can help you not to get ripped off.
Secured Car Loans Made Easy
Use Car Loans

Used car loans

Buying second hand? No problem

Wethere it be from a dealer or private sale, unlock the road to your dream car with our hassle-free used car loans. We can find for you the most competitive rates, ensuring you get behind the wheel of your desired vehicle without breaking the bank.
Free car-finding service

We can help you negotiate the best price

Finding the right car can be daunting, but with Hanna Lending's FREE car-finding service, it doesn't have to be. We'll take care of all the hard work for you, from finding the perfect car to negotiating the best price.

So whether you're looking for a new or used car in Brisbane, let Hanna Lending take the hassle out of car buying for you.
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"Nathan is excellent to deal with, he goes above and beyond to provide helpful advice and always keeps you in the loop with any updates. It’s great to receive such personalised service where you feel valued as customer :) would absolutely recommend!”
Robert Barrett

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Hanna Lending is an experienced car loan broker for Brisbanewho will help you to get the best deal. With immediate access to 30 lenders,our goal is to get you the best car financing possible so that you can enjoyyour new car stress-free.

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