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Nathan was very responsive and within a few days we were able to have the loan settled and pick up our beautiful car. I am very happy with the service and the loan that Nathan found for us. Highly recommend Hanna Lending Services
Adi Borck
Nathan made me feel so supported in this process. He took the time to explain each decision in helping me find the perfect car that I had been looking for. Previously I have felt so nervous, but with Nathan, I was fully informed through the whole process.
Becky Felstead
The people are just great to work with. So easy to get a car through them. They found my car for me. I didn't have to do a thing, only sign and read the paper work. Thank you for the great experience.
Craig Kemp

Car loans Perth

Access 30 lenders to find the best deal

You can save you money and stress by letting us find the best car loan for you. We work closely with a panel of 30+ lenders to find for you the ideal car loan in Perth. We find loans for all vehicles, whether it's purchased from a dealership or a private sale.
car loans Perth
Unsecured car loans in Perth

Unsecured car loans

If you're a classic car enthusiast in Perth, after a grey import or simply want the freedom to purchase a vehicle of any age and type, unsecured car loans are the perfect option.

With an unsecured car loan, you'll have greater flexibility than other car loans and no encumbrance over your vehicle. It also means when the time comes, you can sell the vehicle without a financier payout letter dictating your sell price.
Unsecured car loans in Perth

Secured car loans

Secured car loans are quite often easier to obtain than unsecured car loans. There are often larger amounts available to borrow througha secured loan, and are accessible for people in Perth in many differentfinancial situations, including a lower credit history.

Secured car loans carry less risk for the lender, meaning youmay be able to access lower interest rates. Our team here at Hanna Lending inPerth will ensure you select the best type of loan for your car and financialsituation.
Can I purchase a vehicle privately or do I have to buy through a dealer?
Can I purchase a vehicle for business?
How old can a vehicle be that I want to finance?
Do I need insurance on my car?
If I have or have had bad credit, can I apply for a car loan?
Can we help with business car loans as well as personal car loans.
New car finance Perth

New car finance

You’re here because you know better than to let the dealer arrange your new vehicle finance. A dealer will have limited finance option for you and their number one priority is not to find you’re the best finance. Using our services, you can save money when compared to a typical dealer finance arrangement or compared to the mainstream banks. You’ll also save time and stress.  We are experienced finance brokers with access to 30 lenders, let us find for you the best rates.
Used car finance Perth
At Hanna Lending we are experts at finding Perth’s best used car loans. We can save you money when compared to dealer finance or your typical big four bank loan. Unlike most banks we also understand that your dream car might not their mould. With access to 30 lenders, we can find an option that will give you freedom.
Perth car loan with car finding service
Perth car finding service

Locating your dream car. Without the hassle.

Going to a car yard can be intimidating. Speak to our team today about our car finding service. It's FREE of charge to all our clients.

Just tell us the description of the vehicle you're after, and our team of Perth based vehicle locators will take care of the rest.
Perth's best rate car loans
You can get a better deal and take the stress out of buying a car by letting us find for you, Perth's best car loans. With access to a panel of 30+ lenders we can find for you a better deal on vehicle finance.

Whether it's for financing multiple vehicles or your first car, we can help you get behind the wheel. We've been helping our Perth customers access great car loans for over ten years, and we would be happy to do the same for you.
Perth car loan review
"I would highly recommend using Nathan and Hanna Lending Services knowing you will be looked after. If I were to need finance again I would certainly use his services again.
Thanks legend.”
Robert Barrett

Meet Nathan. He'll find the right car loan for you.

Nathan has 10 years experience as a vehicle finance broker, helping his customers to find the right deal.

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Perth's car loan brokers

We are car loan brokers in Perth who help match you with the best car loans for your situation. This typically means lower-interest and more favourable terms. Our finance brokerage is based in Perth and we're committed to building longstanding relationships with our clients based on transparency. At the end of the day, it's all about you and getting you the best results possible. So if you're looking for a car loan in Perth, look no further than Hanna Lending.

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