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Nathan was fast with replying, easy to communicate with, and over all just a top bloke. You just can't ask for to much more when look for a loan. Highly recommended from myself. Good on you Nathan keep doing what you're doing.
James Farmer
Great service, easy, quick and looked after me start to finish.
Jason Smeulders
Couldn't ask for a more organised helpful bloke to get my finance sorted. Everything was done and sorted as quickly as possible definitely recommend him to anyone wanting this service
Joel Gulizia

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At Hanna Lending Services, we have a network of over 30 lenders from which you can select a variety of options. Our loan specialists recognise that everyone’s situation is unique, which is why we strive to best understand your requirements and find a solution that best complements your lifestyle and financial situation. It is our goal to make boat loans easier for all clients, which is why we offer a variety of from lenders in our network. 

Regardless whether you are seeking a jet ski, charter, yacht or commercial boat, we have the industry knowledge and connections to help ensure you get the loan that best suits your needs.
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Unsecured boat loans in Sydney

Unsecured or secured marine loans.

We can offer our clients a secured or unsecured marine loan. We would recommend an unsecured marine loan in the event that you’re seeking an older or more unique boat.
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Try our boat-finding service - free of charge for our clients!

Are you interested in a new or used boat in Sydney? Try out our boat finding service free of charge!

We have a team of experienced locators here at Hanna Lending who are dedicated to finding your dream boat. All you have to do is inform us of some details about what you are searching for, and we will take care of the entire search process.
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Sydney's best rate boat loans
"I didn't realise getting a loan would be this easy. Cant thank Nathan enough for his prompt service. HIGHLY RECOMMEND."
Daniel Natoli
Robert Barrett

Sydney's best rate boat loans

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With our panel of more than 30 lenders, we work hard to help you achieve the best possible solution for your situation and needs. When it comes to securing your loan, our Perth customers know they can leave it up to us.

Meet Nathan. He'll find the right lender for you.

Nathan has 10 years experience as a finance broker, helping Australians find the right loan. Nathan will work with you to get your next asset or personal finance.

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Are you seeking a dependable boat loan broker in Sydney? Look no further than Hanna Lending. We pride ourselves on providing advice that is transparent and has our client’s best interests in mind. Our goal is for our clients to make confident, well-informed decisions regarding their loans, and providing them with support is our top priority. 

Let us help you find the right boat or jet ski loan for your needs. Contact Hanna Lending today!
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